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Dave is Certified to facilitate the use of Lego Serious Play, which allows you to unlock your creativity, and solve real world business problems through the use of building techniques and focused attention. Lego Serious Play is an adaptive system designed to answer questions and create clarity around business challenges. It provides an engaging, interactive method to bring out ideas, insight and unity from your team.

Lego Serious Play is right for you if:


You have a business or personal challenge that needs clarification or advancement.

You want to achieve a higher level and rate of input from your team.



You require a deeper understanding of how events might impact the timing and stability of your project.

Innovation is require or desirable.


You need to remove the obstacles preventing you from seeing your business landscape more clearly.



This short video sums up the concept very nicely.

(Created by Eleanor Livermore and Chrissi Nerantzi at the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at MMU.)

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Dave Ware

Dave Ware is a leading trainer/facilitator with an avid interest in the concept of "Play". He's also a Certified Lego Serious Play facilitator. Dave has 30 years of experience in improvisation with some of the leading minds in the field. Dave has been creating LEGO Mosaics since 2006. Over the last 9 years, he has created over 90 LEGO mosaics. Known for his pop culture and celebrity mosaics, Dave has built pieces for Academy Award winners, television personalities, and cultural icons. Peter Dinklage called Dave’s work “Brilliant”. Richard Taylor (CEO of Weta Workshop) called his work “Exquisite”.

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