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Mosaics by Dave Ware

Building Better Cities – 2014

As part of their recent Western Canada Convention, the good folks at Lafarge contacted about being part of the festivities. We shared some ideas, and came up with the idea of creating a large scale mosaic on site during the convention, as well as building some centerpieces for the tables.

Dave with Lafarge lego mosiac

Over the course of two days, I build the mosaic on site. Due to time constraints, the piece was partially pre-built. You can see the purple colored bricks on the piece. These were used as spacers to hold the baseplates in place while I build the “connectors” over the gaps in the baseplates. For this build, we (Mrs Brickwares and I, mostly her though) built a new kind of stand that allowed for putting pressure on the front of the piece.

Brickwares Lafarge centerpieces

Each table in the room had a “High Gear” centerpiece on the table. They certainly inspired the attendees to do some creative rebuilding during the event. A fiarly simple design to the eye, but it took a bit of time to ensure the stability and make sure everything connected to itself. The numbers at the are a bit on fragile side, but that adds to the pieces, I think.

Lafarge Mosaic closeup

A close-up shot of the company logo. Surrounded by a sea of Medium Blue. The black lettering, and the “L” are one brick higher than the rest of the piece, which again adds the necessity to lock the bricks so that they can’t be pulled out as easily.

Building Better Cities

Raised text for the tag-line. I’m becoming a bit fan of the raised technique. It increase the amount of brick, but it really makes the writing stand out. You can also get a better appreciation for the size of the piece, and how small each stud in in this shot.

Building Better Cities Main

The finished piece. This was a demanding build, with a lot of areas containing a variety of colors in close quarters. I really like the mix of cooler and warmer colors, finally a good chance to you that pink brick to good effect. The attendees were constantly trying to guess which city it was.

Kevin Newman Live Logo


After an interview on the Kevin Newman Live program, Kevin asked about the possibility of creating the show’s logo as a mosaic. I’ve always thought Logo mosaics are great idea, and wonder why more companies don’t think of it…

This one was 15×15 inches, and features a lot of raised text, which really pops out. It also uses a lot of Earth Blue, one of the coolest Lego(r) colors you can find.


Kevin Newman Live – Tv and Web Interview

Did an interview (and a Mosaic) for the great Kevin Newman.


Here’s the link tothe web article.

And the Tv interview (Dated Dec 17)

Huffington Post – Jimmy Fallon Mosiac

A link to the Huffington Post Article on the Jimmy Fallon Mosaic.

Please note that some of the items in their slideshow are NOT my mosaics. I attempted to have them correct this.

Jimmy Fallon with Brickwares Lego Mosaic

Jimmy Fallon with Brickwares Lego Mosaic

“Jimmy Fallon” (2013)

Pretty exciting news! A friend of mine suggested that I build a mosaic of Jimmy Fallon, the Late Night master of all things cool. I’ve been a fan of Jimmy for a long time, I really like his energy, and his positivity. Plus, how can you not like a guy who goes the extra mile and makes musical numbers, the history of rap, etc.

This seemed like a great idea to me, so I got to work. I built the main portion of the piece 1 brick higher than the background, creating a bit of a 3D effect.

Lego Mosaic of Jimmy Fallon, by Dave Ware of Brickwares Custom Mosaics.

Lego Mosaic of Jimmy Fallon, by Dave Ware of Brickwares Custom Mosaics.

This was all fine and good, but today, things got interesting. I received this picture, which pretty much made my day.

Jimmy Fallon with Brickwares Lego Mosaic

Jimmy Fallon with Brickwares Lego Mosaic

“Village” 2013

Dave with Village

Can’t say enough good things about the folks at Village Brewery in Calgary. I was introduced to Jim Button by my friend Roger, while I was trying to help out Loose Moose Theatre get their concession up and running. Jim and the gang at Village host an artist’s afternoon each Wednesday, and some of Calgary’s artists get together and network. Village is committed to its community, investing in local art, and helping promote the work of its people.

I was honored to be asked to hang a piece in their gallery. Originally, I had “Giant” on site, but I was inspired to make something a little more close to home for Village, and found a few great pictures. So I set to work, and created “Village”.

Village on Site

If you’re a Calgarian who loves our city, and those who support it, Village is the perfect group to get behind. They also host a regular podcast, which I appeared on last fall. Check it out here.

Roger – 2013

Roger Kingkade

i built this piece in the fall of 2013. Roger Kingkade is a local radio personality, Loose Moose alumni, and a really great person. I’m lucky to count him among my closest friends, and we spend many hours discussing, planning, pondering and making one another laugh. He’s a great sounding board for advice. It seemed like he should be built in Lego, so I did.

Roger on Desk

Here a shot of the piece on my busy worktable.

Roger Lego Mosaic

A shot of the piece itself. Basically a greyscale with some tan and “sand green”.

Roger and Dave

One of the few “Unwrapping” events I was able to attend, Roger and I pose for posterity.

Village Brewery Radio Interview

Spent some time talking to Dave Kelly of Village Radio. It was a blast, and Dave and I talked improv, and of course, Lego. Have a listen!


Metropolis (2013)

This year has a blur so far, I’ve been building like a mad man! Finally, once the summer rolled around and I had a chance to breather, i was able to get around to one of those projects I wanted to build just for me. I guess in the world of art, this would be called a “spec piece”. I found the image while wandering around the internet, and loved the colors. It has a very Art Deco feel with the figure holding the city up on his back, and the crossed hammers at the top.


I decided I’d experiment with adding a second style of mosaic to the piece, having the city itself build “studs up” (you’re looking at the sides of the bricks.) I added a few specialized pieces to add some life to that section, and it turned out the way I expected.13oct_1197

A closer shot of the city details. The “studs up” section is attached via some bricks that have studs both to the top and the side. There is a line of the them across the bottom of the city, and two more placed further up, for added stability.


I’ll certainly remember it as an active experiment with new techniques, and for the color scheme. I brought this piece to BrickCon 2013, and received a lot of great compliments on it. This picture shows Metropolis, along with my Scott Pilgrim mosaic.

Metropolis Lego Mosaic by Dave Ware (Brickwares) at BrickCon 2013.

Metropolis Lego Mosaic by Dave Ware (Brickwares) at BrickCon 2013.

Paul’s Boutique (2013)

This piece was built as a commission for a person with extremely good taste. It was built during a 5 week period which also featured a number of shows and general chaos, and then shipped to San Francisco.

The Finished Piece.

Pauls Boutique Lego Mosaic

It’s approx 45×45 inches square, and with the backing board (to keep it all straight) it’s about 60 pounds or so. here’s a wider shot.

Lego Pauls Boutique wide shot

And a comparison with the actual source.


If you’re interested in a commission of your own, drop me a line at

Hermes (2013)

In 2012 I met Billy West and John Dimaggio, and had them sign my Fry and Bender mosaics. When I heard Phil Lamarr would be at Calgary Expo 2013, I built a Hermes mosaic, and was lucky enough to get it signed as well.

Hermes Lego Mosaic

Futurama Triptych

And here’s Max to provide some scale

Futurama With Max

Game of Thrones Lannister Crest

As part of Calgary Expo 2013, I was invited to build and display a piece for the “Evening With the Lannisters” event, featuring Peter Dinklage and Lena Headay. I chose the Lannister Crest (from Game of Thrones) as the subject, and decided to add a raised image effect, along with the dark red background. I was pleased with the results, and plan to use the level effect more often in future.

Game of Thrones Lannister Crest

Peter Dinklage was kind enough to sign it for me. One word “Brilliant”. High praise indeed from a brilliant Emmy winner.Dinklage Signature

“Mal” (2013)

I’ve been a big fan of Nathan Fillion for a long time. He’s from Alberta, he’s an alumnus of Rapid Fire (Edmonton’s outstanding Improv group), and he’s Captain Malcomn Reynolds. When I learned he would be attending the 2013 Calgary Expo, I decided to build a Mosaic of Mal.

Lego Malcolm Reynolds

The best part of making “Con Mosaics” is meeting the subject. Nathan was kind enough to sign the mosaic for me. “I Aim to Misbehave”.

Fillion Signature

When I brought it over to be signed, the fans were really excited about the piece. Nathan held it up, and they went crazy. Can’t say enough nice things about the man.Nathan with Mal

Alberta Primetime Interview

Steven Mclean at Alberta Primetime came to talk Lego Mosaics.

Alberta Primetime

Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower in Lego

The Calgary Tower in Lego

As part of the Calgary 2012 program, I decided to build something here in Calgary that would involve a number of Lego builders. Normally, the mosaics are a solo effort, so I decided to stretch outside my comfort zone. Enlisting the help of some local friends/builders/amazing people, we set out to replicate the Calgary Tower in bricks. After much planning (assisted by Lego Digital Designer and Minecraft), we had a plan, and met at the base of the Tower to build. It took an entire day, as well as a couple of hours on the following day, but we managed to build a pretty cool version of the Tower. Adam Murtha, Hayley Erza, and Trevor Van Aalst were amazing, and the best team I’ve worked with yet!

Here’s a time lapse video of the build

I’m no master of sculpture by any means, but I think it turned out pretty well. I like to think that I learn from every project, and this one taught me plenty. Next time we decide to build the tower, I have even more ideas. One of the original ideas was to have some robotic elements, moving parts, etc. We’re still looking at adding a rotating pod, it’s just a matter of finding the time to get the work done at this point.

Adding the Pod to the Lego Calgary Tower.

Adding the Pod to the Lego Calgary Tower.

Building the Stem

Building the Stem

The stem

Hayley Erza, Trevor Van Aalst, Dave Ware, and Adam Murtha

Hayley Erza, Trevor Van Aalst, Dave Ware, and Adam Murtha

Visions of Calgary

Calgary Lego Mosaic

Calgary Lego Mosaic

This project started in the spring of 2012, with the goal of working directly with Robin Sather, Canada’s Lego Certified Professional. Robin has been helping me learn the ins and outs of the business side of the mosaics, and when the Calgary 2012 grant initiative program started up, it seemed the perfect way to make it happen. We spent a lot of time deciding on an image, ordering brick, talking to Telus Spark about the venue, talking the The Bow about displaying the piece. Finally, we were ready to build. With the help of about 1,000 Calgarians, we put together this 6.6ft by 5ft mosaic featuring Calgary icons of the past, present and future.

The piece will be on display in the lobby of The Bow from April 7-22. (Photos by Kate Ware, Photos by Kate Ware

Calgary Lego Mosaic

Robin Sather and Dave Ware

Calgary Lego Mosaic

Dave and Robin get some help

Calgary Lego Mosaic

So many colours!

Calgary Lego Mosaic

Building the Vision